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Writers Gotta Write #4: Summer Lovin’

I finished my first year of university halfway through June, and since then, these past three months have flown by as I attempted to balance part-time work with some exciting writing projects. It's been bittersweet. Let's start with the positives: I was elected as the 2018/19 Deputy Editor of The Stag magazine. This has taken… Continue reading Writers Gotta Write #4: Summer Lovin’

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Birthday Candles: a poem

They lose their limbs at eleven; Puberty strikes them with its axe In time with the chimes of the hour. They spend afternoons in hallways, Chasing after rogue shadows, Looking for lost selves, longing for meaning. If lucky, they'll find their missing pieces, Bundle them into their chests until fingers are blocking their vision, Trying… Continue reading Birthday Candles: a poem

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Living in Halls of Residence: a poem

Just shadows of students locked in together, These strangers growing stranger Growing stranger together. Silence echoes, did you know? Echoes now, more than ever. Footprints like earthquakes, Small talk: tsunamis, Strangers stills strangers, After three months, Still strangers. Written: 28th January 2018 Another poem that I found tucked away on my memory stick! Living in… Continue reading Living in Halls of Residence: a poem

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Impatience: a poem

There are thoughts spiralling round my mind, Twirling down my spine into the depths of my Stomach, and planting their roots; Settled. Coincidence trips clumsily over coincidence, And a cacophony of cackles follows our shadows, Tauntingly, and I can't help but wonder, if you can hear them Too. I feel my rationality slipping from my… Continue reading Impatience: a poem

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Writers Gotta Write #3: Big Progress

I got a 2:1 in the short story I wrote for my creative writing module last semester. As someone who has never been comfortable writing prose, that was the validation I needed to get the writing confidence back. I haven't written a blog post in a long while (goodbye new years resolutions...), but for once in… Continue reading Writers Gotta Write #3: Big Progress

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Guided – a poem

The blindfold, Wrapped around my eyes, Hugging every crevice close, A gift. Hands outstretch, Searching for the light; Fingerprint constellations Surround Unseen. But, Colliding with fate, My instinct engine running, I know Every toe Is slotting into All the footprints on my path, Assured. Heart held and Resting in the palms Of my celestial guide;… Continue reading Guided – a poem